Inclusion International

Global Report on

Living independently and being included in the Community

The process for developing the report will engage self-advocates (people who themselves has an intellectual disability), families of people with intellectual disability, and other stakeholders from every region of the world. We are asking participants to share: their stories; their vision of what Article 19 means; and experiences related to deinstitutionalization or building of community supports and services; existing research and political advocacy strategies.
The Global Report will address 3 major questions:
1.  What does it mean to live and being included in the community for people who have an intellectual        disability and their families, and what is their vision of this?
2.  What exists now, and how does it compare to our vision?
3.  What needs to happen to achieve our vision?

Inclusion International has developed tools to help collect information regarding the experiences from self-advocates, families and organizations related to Article 19.
These are all available within this website:

Share your stories
Stories, pictures and videos are being gathered to share how people with intellectual disabilities and their families are living. By gathering these stories, II will be able to gain a better understanding of the struggles and successes experienced around the world. II also hopes to see what this looks like from the perspective of others members of the community. Go to page

Focus Groups
Inclusion International is asking organizations and groups in different parts of the world to conduct focus groups. The aim is to bring together small groups of people with intellectual disabilities and their families to discuss their lives. In particular they will discuss how they are living, what their lives are like, and how their lives are made better or worse.Go to page

Country Survey
Through the following survey Inclusion International will get an idea about how people with intellectual disabilities are currently living in different countries.  The survey will also help to create a roadmap to ensure that everyone will be able to live independently and be included in their communities.Go to page

Pilot Initiatives
Inclusion International is running pilot projects in different regions around the world to help implement Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Here you will be able to find out what II is doing and the progress of the projects.Go to page

Inclusion International has been doing some research on Article 19 and would like to share some of the articles and stories that have been found. Go to page

THE RESULTS  WE know that by understanding people´s interests, needs and possibilities ¨from local knowledge¨, we can do a better job internationally in supporting others ¨toward global change¨.