Inclusion International

Global Report on

Living independently and being included in the Community

As a part of the Global Campaign to promote the implementation of Article 19, Inclusion International has identified member organizations who are engaged in initiatives, projects or campaigns to build supports in the community. These projects and campaigns enable people with intellectual disabilities to live and be included in society.  Some of the initiatives are focused on moving people out of institutions, or the development of supports and strategies for inclusion in the community. There are also efforts to build up supports to individuals and families in the community where no institutions exist, but people experience exclusion.

Through these pilot initiatives, II is striving to identify common success factors and barriers to implementation of Article 19. These will be determined by providing support to family-based organizations who are engaged in the development of practical strategies in order to enable people to live and be included in their communities.

Pilot Initiatives

Pilot initiative in Colombia. Download
Pilot initiative in Israel. Download