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Living independently and being included in the Community

Global Campaign on Art 19

What do we want to achieve?


The campaign on Article 19 is an opportunity for Inclusion International, through our member organizations, friends and allies, to discover what living independently and being included in the community really means. This includes how the implementation of Article 19 looks like around the world in different people's lives, and what needs to be done to make living independently and being included in the community a reality for everyone.


In achieving the rights of people with disabilities, as stated in the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, II has released the following documents 'The Road Ahead'. The Convention (pp)


To work towards our vision of equality for people with intellectual disabilities, II released a report on poverty and disability in 2006. In 2009, our organization released a report on inclusive education. Both reports have been used widely by our member organizations, international agencies, as well as cooperation agencies, in order to refer to people with intellectual disabilities. Now, in 2012 we will be releasing a report on Living Independently and Being Included in the Community.



Inclusion International is inviting self-advocates, families and organizations all over the world to contribute to our Global Report on living independently and being included in the community to be released  in October, 2012.


We want to hear about your stories and experiences of living independently and being included in the community.


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Article 19

Living independently and being included in the community

States Parties to this Convention recognize the equal right of all persons with disabilities to live in the community, with choices equal to others, and shall take effective and appropriate measures to facilitate full enjoyment by persons with disabilities of this right and their full inclusion and participation in the community, including by ensuring that:


(a) Persons with disabilities have the opportunity to choose their place of residence and where and with whom they live on an equal basis with others and are not obliged to live in a particular living arrangement;


(b) Persons with disabilities have access to a range of in-home, residential and other community support services, including personal assistance necessary to support living and inclusion in the community, and to prevent isolation or segregation from the community;


(c) Community services and facilities for the general population are available on an equal basis to persons with disabilities and are responsive to their needs.


Definitions to better understand Art 19